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Global Catalyst Student International Travel Grants

August 30, 2023 — The Global Catalyst Grant Program has been paused to evaluate program impact. The Center for Global Engagement is working with the Office of the Provost, ORIED and awardees to review the program and determine the best global funding opportunities for the campus community. During the reevaluation process, Center for Global Engagement funding is available for strategic ideas focused on the Sustainable Development Goals and ORIED’s five research gateways. If you have an idea, or are seeking funding, email Dr. Gretchen Neisler.

The Center for Global Engagement announces funding for Global Catalyst International Travel Grants for Students. These funds will support both undergraduate and graduate students’ travel for the purpose of attending an internationally-based conference or workshop. These grants can also be used to support UT students’ international research. This funding cannot be used for Programs Abroad or similar group travel/experiences that are either co-curricular or extra-curricular. Students from either the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville campus or the Institute of Agriculture may apply.


  • The maximum funding is $1500.
  • Applicants should demonstrate cost-share with at least one other unit providing financial support of the proposed project.
  • Only one award per person will be made.
  • Funds cannot be used to support programs offered through the Programs Abroad Office.
  • Funding will be awarded through Financial Aid.
  • Funding can only be used for future international travel, and past travel will not be considered.

Eligibility: Awards will only be made to students enrolled at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville or at UT’s Institute of Agriculture.

Travel must take place between December 1, 2022 – December 31, 2023.

Deadlines: This grant program is not currently running.

Applications will only be reviewed after those two dates. No further awards are available until the fall 2023 competition cycle opens.


Applications must be submitted through a web form available here. Each proposal must include:

  • A project title
  • A brief project description (25 words or less)
  • A project narrative of 1000 words or less, including:
    1. A description of your plans addressing:
      • How this international travel fits into your curricular and professional goals; and
      • How your international will advance the global profile of the University of Tennessee/UT Institute of Agriculture
  • A timeline (no longer than 250 words): Provide a timeline that outlines the steps you will take to make your program a success.
  • An itemized budget. This budget must show how all requested money will be used. Budgets should indicate if other external funds have been secured and how those monies will be used, as well.
  • Endorsement letter(s). This letter should indicate the cost share from your department.
    1. All students must provide a letter of support from their faculty advisor.
    2. Students participating in a conference must provide documentation that their paper presentation has been accepted.
  • If you are attending a formal conference or workshop, include a program and/or further details about your participation.
  • A list of any funding received since 2016 through the Global Catalyst grant program or the Ready for the World grant program
  • A final report must be received within two months of travel.

Report Requirements: The final report must describe the activities and outcomes of the travel grant. Reports should include the final budget, showing the final cost-share, and outline the expenses for which the grantee used the funding.